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"Thank you for such an amazing experience!!  Modeling has always been a dream of mine from a young age & you are helping me live it!!!  I loved working with you and I hope to get to do it again! :-)  Words can't describe how happy this is making me!! <3"


"My most precious moments came when we did the outdoor shoot. I got to see my precious 5 year old through the cameras eyes. They captured her innocence just the way I picture it. She is an angelic child with a beautiful curiosity and you can tell by looking at the photos that they saw it too!!!  It brought me to tears to see that those moments could be captured and brought to life not just in memory and in heart but in film as well and then in print for us to look at and marvel. The experience with Amy and Lanell was amazing. They are a beautiful team and that shines in their work. What they do is an art. In my opinion, they truly captured my child the way I see her, the way God made her, in 'The Master's Image'."


"The Master's Image has treated us more like family than customers! When my family and I first walked into their studio I was amazed in the originality of their work! I absolutely loved how custom each shoot seemed to be. Our first experience we had with The Master's Image was with my first born son, for his newborn session. From the moment we walked in, there was a sense of calmness and serenity. They were like "mini baby whispers". Jaxon did amazing through our shoot. From there we signed up to do every 3 months for a year. I couldn't get over how much they strived to make each shoot customized to fit our son!  They were always coming up with fun original ideas. We had scheduled a family shoot for my son's One year pictures, we had got everything prepared and it had started to pour! Amy called and I just knew she was calling to cancel, but that wasn't what she was doing at all. She was calling to see if we wanted to do a "Dancing In The Rain" session! I was so excited! My Husband and I had such an amazing time doing the shoot and now we have amazing pictures to remember that special day! The Masters Image never ceases to amaze us and we have grown to love them not only as our photographer but as our friends as well!"